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    Q: What will I cover on my first lesson?

    Answer: On your first lesson, if you’ve never driven before, you’ll be taught about the controls and instruments of the car (what all the buttons and switches do) and how to make the car move and stop. You’ll be doing this on a very quiet road with minimal traffic so your instructor might have to drive you somewhere suitable if the road you meet them on is busy.

    Q: When should I book my driving test?

    A: You should talk to your instructor about when to book your driving test. There is a lot to learn before you’ll be ready to drive on your own and once they see your driving ability they should be able to advise on how soon your driving test should realistically be.

    Q: Do I have to pass my theory test before I take driving lessons?

    A: You don’t need to pass your theory test before you take driving lessons. It’s usually the case that learning to drive while practising for your theory test outside lessons, is very helpful. For example; when you read about signs you’ll see them on lessons too and it’ll help you retain the information, it’ll make sense when you see it in action and your instructor can explain anything in the theory material that you don’t understand.

    Q: Should I choose manual or automatic lessons?

    A: It’s down to personal preference whether you take manual or automatic lessons. When you pass your test in a manual you can also drive automatic. If you pass your test in an automatic you can only drive automatic cars (a car without a clutch pedal where you don’t have to change gears yourself). You will usually get the hang of gears in your first two or three lessons and it doesn’t make learning to drive much more difficult or take any extra time.

    Q: How many lessons will I need?

    A: How many lessons you’ll need to become a safe solo driver can vary depending on a few things. If you take longer, more regular lessons you’ll retain more information between lessons and progress faster. If you do homework between lessons like watching our YouTube videos you’ll also progress faster, and practising with friends and family outside your lessons will significantly cut down the amount of time and money you have to spend learning to drive. On average it takes 40 hours of lessons to be test ready, but some people pass with a lot less and some people need a lot more.